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Wednesday Cake Review: The Lily Vanilli Bakery

Lilli Vanilli

Welcome to my new Wednesday Cake Review! Ta da! I have been trying to think of a smart catchy name but this is still work in progress (Damn my acorn sized brain) so Wednesday Cake Review will have to do for now (suggestions welcome). Every week I will endeavour to review a cake or dessert. The vendor will only be judged by the standard of their cake/dessert, nothing else and scored out of 10. This week I review cake from Lily Vanilli.


Venue: The Lily Vanilli Bakery
Location: Ezra St, London E2 7RG
Cake purchased: Chocolate and pecan cake plus courgette and beetroot cake
Thoughts: The courgette cake was a revelation.I was not sure what to expect and was so tempted to go with my first instinct of a towering Elderflower sponge cake. However this sounded so intriguing I had to have it and I’m glad I did! It had a lovely crumbly texture, almost a cross between shortbread and cake. Very moist and it was speckled with colours from the vegetables. To top it off, it also boasted a well balanced cream cheese frosting. My only complaint about this was that the slice was not big enough!
However, the chocolate cake was HUGE, a big towering beast of a cake, studded with pecans. The sponge was dense and rich, obvs made with proper chocolate, not just cocoa. The frosting was whipped to perfection and not too heavy. It felt dirty (in a good way). I am forever on the hunt for the perfect chocolate cake and this may be it.I would give my left arm for the recipe.

Conclusion: Unique and interesting, full of flavour. Top drawer.
Rating: 9/10 (only one point lost due to size of courgette cake, I am a greedy girly)

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