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Baking Cake Vegetable

Sweet potato and buckwheat cake


I have just completed 6 weeks of no baking and oh my days I almost went cray-cray. It wasn’t by choice but forced upon me by my situation (reaaalllllyyyyy long story, seriously, it even bores me to tell it so I shan’t give you the deets). What I found out in this time is how happy baking and blogging makes me. There was a massive cupcake shaped void in my life! I love plotting my next cake or cookie, researching new flours to use or what glorious seasonal ingredient I can throw in. Next comes a bit of decoration inspiration courtesy of Instagram (I hate to think how many hours of my life is spent on Instagram, whole evenings lost scrolling through pictures of dogs in funny outfits). The photo styling and photography can often swallow up an afternoon by perching on chairs trying to get the perfect shot or spending 20 minutes deciding whether to feature the whisk in the photo or not (important stuff, obvs). The editing and writing up is always the nice part, seeing the end result whilst eating said cake. It is not only my hobby but creative release, without it I have too much time on my hands and too many sweet ideas in my mind just bursting to get out. Therefore after this 6 weeks of forced abstinence I have a must bake list about 4 pages long. An awesome excuse to spend more time in the kitchen!

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Baking Biscuits Chocolate Gluten free

Gluten free buckwheat triple chocolate cookies


Happy Easter everybody! I am currently sat in the kitchen working my way through a pile of hot cross buns and a slab of butter (cue Homer Simpson style drooling). I obviously had extensive high activity plans for today but sadly, its raining which has forced me inside with said plate of buns. What else is a girl to do?! Plus being Easter limited edition specialities, I must eat as many as I can before they disappear from the shelves for another year. Gotta make the most of them, y’know? By next week I will be back on the kale and lentils, promise (I sometimes wish I could use emojis in my writing, I would insert that little dude with the rolling eyes right about here). My favourite treat is slightly stale left over buns, slather in butter, then golden syrup and lay them into a deep baking dish with them slightly over lapping, pour over a tin of Ambrosia custard and bake in the oven on 180 degrees until the edges of the bread are golden and the custard is bubbling. Actually life changing.

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Baking Cake Vegetable

Beetroot and parsnip cupcakes


I have found myself with an awful lot of unexpected extra time on my hands recently. You move to London and think to yourself PARTY TIME! I’m going to be a socialite, out for post work drinkies every evening, shimmying from the latest cool rooftop bar to the next uber cool cocktail bar in Dalston. It will be amazing. I will be rubbing shoulders with Alexa Chung and Nick Grimshaw no doubt! I quickly realised this would not be the case. Not when buying two drinks will set you back over a tenner (or in one particular public house which will remain nameless, I was charged £16 for two vodka sodas. £16!!!!!!!!!! That was my entire food budget for the week gone). And everyone works crazy hours. And so my unexpected extra time has been spent being creative, I’ve thrown myself back into this blogging lark, I’ve had the sewing machine out (I made my housemate Eilis a laundry bag out of some unused 1970’s pillowcases for her birthday. I know, I know, just too cool…) and took my camera out and about. I love to have a feeling of purpose with my spare time, it doesn’t feel like a wasted afternoon when I have some amazing photos or a patchwork quilt to show for it. So actually, Alexa and Nick, you can keep your latest pop up bar, I’ve got a hot date with the sewing machine.

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Baking Fruit Gluten free

Lime and white chocolate coconut macaroons

Lime and white chocolate macaroons

Some days I love to spend the whole day in the kitchen working towards a sugary sweet beast of a cake. Some days I just want something there and then, without sacrificing my day (Not that my days revolve around much anyway, looking at dogs in silly outfits on Instagram, reading Daily Mail online gossip column in secret… whoops!). These little treats are the perfect throw-together-in-10-minute yummies. I have to admit I have worked my way through quite a few coconut macaroon recipes trying to find baking bohemia, the crispy outside and the slightly soggy sugary innards. Hurrah! I have achieved it here! The top tip is condensed milk. Any excuse to use condensed milk is a winner with me (I licked the lid clean and now have a cut tongue to prove it. It is like crack in a tin.). A mix of coconut flakes and desiccated coconut gives the best texture too. If you don’t have limes, you can leave them out. Feel free to swap white chocolate for dark or milk too, go crazy. They are also a great option for the gluten free of you out there.

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Baking Cake Fruit

Citrus cake


2016 has not been a kind year thus far. Now we are in March. Three months in. A third of the way through the year. Yup. Time is, quite literally, flying by. I can probably safely say that 2016 will not be a vintage year for me. Bad news followed by more bad news. My source of joy and escape has come from running. After over a year of being out of the fitness game due to injury I knew I needed to do something and it needed to be cheap as possible. And it doesn’t cost a dime to pull on your running shoes where ever you are and step outside. When I moved to London, my housemate Eilis got me to sign up to my first ever half marathon which was only 6 weeks away. It was the best thing I could have done! Evenings after work were spent sprinting up hills and Sundays mornings were all about 10km runs round north London. It gave me focus and drive, when you have your headphones in you can just zone out and not think about anything except you and the road. It’s the best form of therapy. Last weekend was my marathon, down in Brighton going along the sea front past the piers and the bandstand. The weather was dry with a bit of a breeze, perfect running conditions. I would have liked to have smashed it in under two hours but I managed at 2.08 hours, alright for my first one I reckon (I did end up in the medical tent though after aggravating an old knee injury, spent an hour in the medical tent with an ice pack on and sipping Lucozade like a drama queen. Poor Eilis had to come and rescue me). I have another half lined up for May to keep the training going. For anybody else going through a bit of a rough patch or just had a bad day at the office, I would totally recommend running (or any exercise for that matter), even if you can only run to the lamp post. Then the next time to the end of the road. Before you know it you might be doing a half marathon of your own!

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Baking Cake Recipes

Vanilla bean cake with yogurt buttercream and black sesame

Vanilla and black sesame cake

London is the most over whelming but exciting place to be. Home is currently Muswell Hill which is north London, filled with yummy mummies and huge Victorian houses. For work I am in Shoreditch which has an extensive array of coffee shops and people who are too cool for school (eg Me). I love how each area has its own personality and style. If I want vintage, I go to Brick Lane, if I want inspiring food, Borough Market. There is always something going on. Back home I would wake up on a Sunday morning and the only thing to do was to walk to the corner shop to get the paper. In London I can do brunch, go to the museum, see some art, learn swing dancing (tried and failed miserably. I have no rhythm. Trod on everyone’s toe’s and no-one wanted to be my partner). Basically, whatever I want to do, I can. There are free things and expensive things. My favourite things are, surprisingly, those which are free. I have started running again after a while out of the game due to injury. Yes, I know you can do this anywhere but running to the top of Alexandra Palace and looking out across the whole of the London skyline at night is pretty lush. Birmingham at night doesn’t have quite the same appeal. As I look out the window now, it is 5pm and the sun is still shining and it is light. Spring is around the corner! Meaning soon evenings will be filled with pub gardens (drink soda water and sneak in your own vodka) and walks in Hyde park. Once you get off the crowded high streets and tourist traps, London is a bloomin lovely place to be where one can never be bored.

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Baking Cake Fruit Recipes

Banana cake with cashew nut buttercream

Banana cake on shelf

I’m back! Some of you more regular readers may have noticed my 2 month absense (and if you didn’t, just humour me and just pretend you noticed I was gone). Things went a  bit…. well…. cray-cray. Upside down. Stuff happened. All at once. I can tell you think I am being a right drama queen. First off, I changed jobs as you know. Hurrah! I am now officially at Lily Vanilli Bakery, spending my days making tasty pastries and delectable morsels of cake, #livingthedream. At the same time I moved house, and cities, into London. I’m crashing with some lovely friends of mine who have allowed me to rock up with my entire kitchen contents (and there is a lot… Working for Le Creuset def had its benefits) for a few months whilst I find my feet. And all of this happened as me and the BF broke up. Hmm. I spent most of December holed up listening to Adele (jokes!). Breaking up during Xmas is just the suckiest time (is there ever a good time?) but I must have been the only person to lose weight over Christmas (I wouldn’t recommend the heartbreak diet to anyone but its very effective. I’m now wearing jeans I haven’t worn since I was 22!). I didn’t really want to do much of anything including blogging and baking. Now though, I feel its time to get my identity back a little and get into the kitchen. There are good days and bad days, but if there is cake around, it makes those bad days a little brighter.

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Baking Cake Fruit

Cinnamon and redcurrant mini muffins

Cinnamon and redcurrants mini muffins

After a few weeks of struggling to keep my mouth shut I can finally reveal to you lovely readers that I have been offered a job as a baker at the wonderful Lily Vanilli bakery! Lily has been a great source of inspiration for me for the past couple of years and to have the opportunity to work with her is going to be shamazing. The bakery is in Shoreditch, on Columbia Road where they hold the famous flower market every Sunday. The bakery is open only on Sundays for homemade sausage rolls, fresh coffee and of course, delicious cakes. For the rest of the week, there are commissions to be baked and wedding cakes to make. Lily’s style is very natural, she uses lots of seasonal fruit and veg, edible flowers and darling decoration. There is currently just Lily and another wonderful baker, Erin, so it will be amazing to work with a small team plus I have so much to learn.

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Baking Cake Celebration cake Chocolate

Rice paper, my new favourite thing

Rose and white chocolate cake

I tend to find a new favourite decorating technique and use it again and again until I get bored. I was really digging using brittle to top my cakes with until someone offered me a flying saucer the other week. Its brightly coloured, edible and your can mould it into any shape you like, WIN. So when I had a commission the other week, I knew I had a chance to experiment with it (so long brittle!). I tried a few different shapes but triangles really worked well on top of this rose and white chocolate cake, I love the angular shapes against the wild flowers, I hope you do too.

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Baking Biscuits Chocolate

Honey and rye hobnobs

Honey and rye hobnob biscuits

It’s pretty obvs that I love cake. It’s probably not surprising that I love baking as long as it doesn’t involve marzipan (If I was ever on Saturday Kitchen it would deffo be marzipan. Or celery. Celery wrapped in marzipan… Ultimate nightmare). So today to be a bit crazy, just for today, Hollylovesbiscuits! These hobsnobs are the best sellers on my market stall. They are buttery, chewy, chocolatey, crunchy and perfect with a cuppa. You can mix things up with these depending on what you have in your cupboard, spelt flour would work just as well in this recipe. If you have no honey, golden or maple syrup can work too. Perhaps experiment using a mix of jumbo and fine oats? I have used dark chocolate on these hobnobs but I have used milk, if you are feeling really mental, why not try white chocolate! Heck, every throw in a spoonful of cinnamon. I stress it is important you use a good quality salted butter in this recipe as the flavour really comes through and the salt balances out the sweetness. Take a box of these with you next time you get invited round for dinner, you will be super popular and everyone’s new BFF.

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