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Chocolate and pistachio cake with white chocolate love hearts

Chocolate and pistachio cake

It can happen almost anywhere. I could be in a shopping centre, browsing Ebay, searching through the charity shop when suddenly, BOOM! I’ll spot something absolutely amazing that I must have absolutely immediately that would look absolutely fantastic on top of a cake. I’m like a cake decoration magpie, constantly picking up little bits and pieces that make my mind go dizzy with ideas for my next bake and I buy it and pop it to the back of my minds imaginary cake queue, cakes that must be baked where I will use this life changing yellow chocolate/moustache print ribbon/piece of fudge shaped like a bear (these things actually exist in my cupboard). Except I buy it, put on my cake shelf (which has actually expanded into an entire cupboard) and kinda forget about it once I procure yet another amazing something or other. I always rediscover it once it’s too late. The yellow chocolate is past it ‘best by’ date, the ribbon got stained in food colouring and the bear lost his head. Sad face. So the moral of this story? Stop buying more? Pfffftttt, whatevs!

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Perfect chocolate chip cookies

Perfect chocolate chip cookies

So, it turns out making the perfect chocolate chip cookie is pretty darn difficult. Yup, that little round beige thing with brown spots? A kitchen nightmare. Take it from a girl who has tried a million different recipes over many years. Non of them delivered 100%, there would always be a certain level of crippling disappointment. There were the ones that didn’t have enough chocolate, ones that spread too much, the ones that stuck to the baking tray, the ones that were too crunchy. I wasted a lot of time money and ingredients trying to achieve cookie paradise! To achieve perfection, I have combined my favourite bits from several recipes to create baking bohemia.

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Beetroot chocolate cake with vanilla cream cheese icing

Beetroot and chocolate cake

So I am now on an official count down before finishing work and starting my new dream job at Le Creuset, counting down the minutes before I will be spending my days surrounded by casserole dishes and baking tins *swoon*. I have been feeling super smug with myself for actually changing something I was unhappy with and gaining a new job so I thought I would reflect this in the kitchen too and take on a challenge, something I generally avoid baking and pushing my cake boundaries to the absolute limit (drama queen or what?). And what cake are you taking on I hear you scream. Chocolate cake. Yes my dears, chocolate cake is my nemesis. For those keen readers amongst you, yes I have posted a chocolate cake recipe before but that was only because I was trying to fit in. What cake blog do you see that doesn’t offer the worlds best chocolate cake? I don’t want to be the odd one out… I think my problem began when I was served way too many slices of shop bought chocolate cakes to celebrate friends/ work colleagues birthdays or weddings. I tarred all choccy cake with the same brush and made a sweeping generalisation that most choccy cake was pants. And I don’t want to make pants cakes so I just never really bothered baking it, I hate a baking disaster. It is v rare to find a good one and quite frankly not worth the risk.  When given the option of that or a moist flavoursome carrot cake, swear down, no competition, carrot cake every time. For me a good choccy cake needs to be indulgent, taste of rich chocolate (not powdery wishy washy cocoa powder) and melt in the mouth. I had yet to find a cake to meet my requirements until now (cue fireworks and the brass band). And what makes it so darn shamazing?! Beetroot! Yes my dears, beetroot. The delectable superfood! Plus using yogurt and a good quality chocolate (I used an 85% cocoa for a more intense flavour). All these combined make for the most delicious, moist, chocolate cake that is also one of your five a day (no guilt so you can eat twice as much). This actually gets better with time so by day two or three it will be at its most glorious. The cream cheese icing compliments the rich chocolate sponge perfectly! This is not a light and airy cake, this is serious gooey indulgence.

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