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Gateaux Breton

Apple Gateaux Breton

What a superb week of double celebrations! Valentines day AND pancake day! Celebrating love and eating in one week, what could be better. I actually think pancake day should be a weekly, if not daily event. Why confine them to one day of the year? I’m not talking about silly skinny crepes, which I find wholly unfulfilling as a pancake (lemon and granulated sugar? What kind of topping is that?!). I’m talking about huge, pillow like American pancakes. Every Sunday should be enjoyed by the nation by having a pancake brunch, a proper weekend indulgence. If you find the perfect recipe giving you the desired fluffy cloud-like texture, they are perfect for soaking up ridiculous amounts of maple syrup. Throw in some blueberries, maybe some chocolate chips, swop the flour for spelt and even use some honey. Perhaps even go savoury? You could have starter, main and dessert all using pancakes. What else need you ever eat! So versatile, there is a pancake for everyone. My current favourite ones are spelt and coconut ones from Eva In The Kitchen:

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Apple cake topped with cinnamon crumble

Apple cake with cinnamon crumble

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, this week I finally started my brand spanking new super shiny shamazing job! I spent a vast majority of my working week discussing cooking, baking and Le  Creuset. It was just heavenly and finished the week brimming with new baking ideas (I now have a list of bakes I want to do as long as my arm). There was lots of listening and learning too which involved copious cups of tea. There is nothing like a cup of tea to start a bit of bonding, if you offer to make someone a cuppa and you execute it properly (tea please, no milk, no sugar, ta), chances are you have made a friend for life. Everyone was just lovely too, even though I was thoroughly annoying by asking for directions every time I left the room (but then I did once get lost trying to get out of a car park and had to ring my friend for directions to get out) and not remembering anyone’s name (I just called everyone babe/hun/doll instead). It is a nice feeling to actually be looking forward to going back to work rather than having the dreaded Sunday evening blues!

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