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Banana and white chocolate blondies

Banana and white chocolate blondies

Bananas are my favourite fruit. I love all fruit but these bright and convenient fellas are just the best! Similar to my 2nd all time faves, avocados, the window of yummy squidgy perfection is so tiny. I can regularly be found on Sunday mornings whilst on my brunch ingredient hunt, gently squeezing all the avos in Waitrose (I really wanted to type Asda there but who am I kidding?! This is gentrified London) to find the spot on amount of softness so I can mash it and top my toast (artisan sourdough, obvs). And bananas need that hue of yellow, for all signs of green to have just about faded away and the brown spots have yet to appear. That is banana bohemia! Anything older is too sweet and anything less has that weird bendyness and slight bitterness. I doubt there are many things worse in life than under-ripe avocados (in fact, I cried once when I found my avo was past its best. It had been a long day…) and bendy bananas. But rejoice! For those who find their ‘nanas have gone a bit dodge, here is the recipe to save the situation!

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Banana cake with cashew nut buttercream

Banana cake on shelf

I’m back! Some of you more regular readers may have noticed my 2 month absense (and if you didn’t, just humour me and just pretend you noticed I was gone). Things went a  bit…. well…. cray-cray. Upside down. Stuff happened. All at once. I can tell you think I am being a right drama queen. First off, I changed jobs as you know. Hurrah! I am now officially at Lily Vanilli Bakery, spending my days making tasty pastries and delectable morsels of cake, #livingthedream. At the same time I moved house, and cities, into London. I’m crashing with some lovely friends of mine who have allowed me to rock up with my entire kitchen contents (and there is a lot… Working for Le Creuset def had its benefits) for a few months whilst I find my feet. And all of this happened as me and the BF broke up. Hmm. I spent most of December holed up listening to Adele (jokes!). Breaking up during Xmas is just the suckiest time (is there ever a good time?) but I must have been the only person to lose weight over Christmas (I wouldn’t recommend the heartbreak diet to anyone but its very effective. I’m now wearing jeans I haven’t worn since I was 22!). I didn’t really want to do much of anything including blogging and baking. Now though, I feel its time to get my identity back a little and get into the kitchen. There are good days and bad days, but if there is cake around, it makes those bad days a little brighter.

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Banana and cacao muffins

Banana and cacao cupcakes

Once again its been another super-crazy-ridiculous couple of weeks, I’ve struggled to find time to bake! For those out there who love to create, when you don’t get to do it as often as you like, you kinda get a bit fidgety and frustrated. I always have so many ideas in my head for cakes that the longer I go without baking, the longer the list of ‘must bakes’ gets. I had the BF’s 30th birthday the other weekend on a barge in Battersea (too cool for school) so of course, I had to whip up the cake of my career (results to be posted soon!). Then this weekend I got to join some old friends on their hag doo (stag+hen= Hag. Obvs.) in Berlin. This involved much partying and very little sightseeing so a return trip is a must do, if only to indulge in more apple strudel. This weekend I have kept it empty and pretty much fun free to indulge in sewing patterns and baking (in order to recuperate some precious brain cells, two weeks of partying in a row for this old gal is not big or clever). Continue Reading

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Banana, walnut and coconut cream cake

Banana loaf with coconut icing

It is such a wonderful thing when someone goes out of their way for you, to do something that they really didn’t need to do but they did it anyway. It is these little (and sadly, sometimes way too few) acts of kindness that make the day so much sweeter and make you smile. This week, I was contacted by a lovely lady (Girl? Bird? Lass? Lady sounds scarily formal and old…) who requested some of my cakes for a photo shoot at! I read the message and did my usual dance of joy around the room. As if someone seriously requested my cakes for a photo shoot! AS IF! And how did the lovely lady find out about me? Through the new wife of one of my oldest friends, Sam. Now, I’ve known Sam for 14 years through college and then we moved to university in Manchester together where he sported a hair doo similar to an Afghan hound and pranced his way around Indie dance floors thinking he was Jagger. We kinda lost touch over the past few years but met up for dinner last week in London with his new wife, Jo, and me with the BF (We went to Boho Mexicana in Shoreditch if you are interested, lots of tequila which makes me VERY happy). This was the first time I had met Jo and filled her in about my cake blog, obvs. She passed on my details to her friend who happens to be the lovely lady at Jo did not need to take a minute out of her day to do this but she did and I am so grateful she did, I owe her several tequilas. As soon as I know where and when my cakes will be featured I will post it on here (if I can stop doing my dance of joy around the room).

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