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Matcha and white chocolate shortbread

matcha shortbread

Who thought green biscuits could be so pretty?! These buttery, crumbley shortbread treats are carefully flavoured with matcha powder that gives them a bright hue and subtle green tea flavour. It is an unusual taste, much like green tea, and one that I have grown to love. The matcha latte trend (with unsweetened almond milk,obvs) has led to a million Instagram pictures and it is no surprise a glowing bright green mug that offers many health benefits (I wanted to call it a super food then but my dietician boyfriend would murder me for using such a term!), it can now be found on many hipster coffee shop menus. Continue Reading

Baking Biscuits Chocolate

Honey and rye hobnobs

Honey and rye hobnob biscuits

It’s pretty obvs that I love cake. It’s probably not surprising that I love baking as long as it doesn’t involve marzipan (If I was ever on Saturday Kitchen it would deffo be marzipan. Or celery. Celery wrapped in marzipan… Ultimate nightmare). So today to be a bit crazy, just for today, Hollylovesbiscuits! These hobsnobs are the best sellers on my market stall. They are buttery, chewy, chocolatey, crunchy and perfect with a cuppa. You can mix things up with these depending on what you have in your cupboard, spelt flour would work just as well in this recipe. If you have no honey, golden or maple syrup can work too. Perhaps experiment using a mix of jumbo and fine oats? I have used dark chocolate on these hobnobs but I have used milk, if you are feeling really mental, why not try white chocolate! Heck, every throw in a spoonful of cinnamon. I stress it is important you use a good quality salted butter in this recipe as the flavour really comes through and the salt balances out the sweetness. Take a box of these with you next time you get invited round for dinner, you will be super popular and everyone’s new BFF.

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