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Black forest chocolate cake

Black forest cake

This week has been a week of OMG WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING-ness. There has been a grand plan in my head for years about doing a cake business full time but now I am trying to do it for real, things have suddenly felt a bit wobbly and intimidating! I have the brain of a squirrel (No actually, as a squirrel can remember where it buried its acorns 6 months ago. I, however, cannot remember what I did 6 minutes ago. So perhaps to compare my brain to that of a goldfish would be more appropriate). I certainly do not have a head for figures or thinking practically, when I started to realistically look at what I need to do to get Holly Loves Cake up and running I totally panicked. My mum threw a million questions at me and I really had to ask myself if I am doing the right thing. How on earth am I going to earn enough money to keep me in Whistles dresses and Marc Jacobs shoes (Will I even be able to earn enough to move out of my mums which is a more important question. Its destroying my street cred.)?!

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