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Sweet potato and buckwheat cake


I have just completed 6 weeks of no baking and oh my days I almost went cray-cray. It wasn’t by choice but forced upon me by my situation (reaaalllllyyyyy long story, seriously, it even bores me to tell it so I shan’t give you the deets). What I found out in this time is how happy baking and blogging makes me. There was a massive cupcake shaped void in my life! I love plotting my next cake or cookie, researching new flours to use or what glorious seasonal ingredient I can throw in. Next comes a bit of decoration inspiration courtesy of Instagram (I hate to think how many hours of my life is spent on Instagram, whole evenings lost scrolling through pictures of dogs in funny outfits). The photo styling and photography can often swallow up an afternoon by perching on chairs trying to get the perfect shot or spending 20 minutes deciding whether to feature the whisk in the photo or not (important stuff, obvs). The editing and writing up is always the nice part, seeing the end result whilst eating said cake. It is not only my hobby but creative release, without it I have too much time on my hands and too many sweet ideas in my mind just bursting to get out. Therefore after this 6 weeks of forced abstinence I have a must bake list about 4 pages long. An awesome excuse to spend more time in the kitchen!

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