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Gluten free chocolate cake with toasted coconut and raspberry buttercream

Gluten free chocolate cake with toasted coconut and  raspberry butter cream

Ola! I have finally recovered enough from my raucous Barcelona hen do to bake cake. It took a lot of sleep, paracetamol and carbs but I’m finally there! My girls absolutely know how to PARTY. I, however, seem to be loosing the power to keep up (Going straight from the airport after no sleep from all night clubbing? Not me, I was in bed my midnight, natch). However my inability to keep up raving meant I had more time to discover Barcelona and hunt down some sweet treats. It is scorchio in Spain (obvs) so cake smothered in meltable butter cream is not ideal, it’s all about the pastry, creme patisserie and deep fried sugariness. I discovered these deeeelish mini dough balls coated in cinnamon and sugar at an indoors market. Crispy on the outside, billowing white fluffy insides. They were so good they made me giddy.

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Baking Cake Recipes wedding

Perfect Victoria sponge cake

Raspberry and vanilla wedding cake

Poor Victoria sponge, generally always over looked for its more fancy friends, the chocolate, the carrot, the red velvet cake. Who wants a plain sponge?! BORING.That is probably because so few people have had a really good Victoria sponge. Often over baked, dry, flat, sandwiched together with a bit of cheap jam, no wonder old Vic always gets over looked. I have baked many a sponge cake in my baking career and have come to love a simple sponge. To create a great cake, it is actually not difficult as long as you use a few hints and tips I have provided here, have a little patience and give it a little lovin’. The skills used can be applied to most cakes once mastered and you should hopefully have towering, lush, moist cakes forever, hurrah!

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Holly loves wedding cake

Strawberry and vanilla naked wedding cake

Oh how I love making wedding cakes! It’s so nice to be making something that will be so central to such a big day. I thought I would share with you the latest wedding cake I did for a lovely couple, Charlie and Leanne. They had a wedding in a converted barn with a really rustice feel which suited my style of natural decoration perfectly (If you haven’t already checked out the rest of my blog, I love naked cakes, rough butter cream finishes, dried or fresh flowers and fruit to decorate)! Roses were used in the bouquet so I also used them to decorate, fresh roses on top with dried rose petals scattered around the base. Leanne wanted a more unusual flavour to fill the cake so I used rhubarb jam with vanilla bean butter cream. Mmmmmm….  So if you or anyone you know is planning a wedding with a difference, please think of Holly Loves Cake! Contact me now,