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Chocolate and pistachio cake with white chocolate love hearts

Chocolate and pistachio cake

It can happen almost anywhere. I could be in a shopping centre, browsing Ebay, searching through the charity shop when suddenly, BOOM! I’ll spot something absolutely amazing that I must have absolutely immediately that would look absolutely fantastic on top of a cake. I’m like a cake decoration magpie, constantly picking up little bits and pieces that make my mind go dizzy with ideas for my next bake and I buy it and pop it to the back of my minds imaginary cake queue, cakes that must be baked where I will use this life changing yellow chocolate/moustache print ribbon/piece of fudge shaped like a bear (these things actually exist in my cupboard). Except I buy it, put on my cake shelf (which has actually expanded into an entire cupboard) and kinda forget about it once I procure yet another amazing something or other. I always rediscover it once it’s too late. The yellow chocolate is past it ‘best by’ date, the ribbon got stained in food colouring and the bear lost his head. Sad face. So the moral of this story? Stop buying more? Pfffftttt, whatevs!

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