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Gingerbread bundt cake

Gingerbread bundt

  How does one follow on from possibly one of the most exciting weeks you have ever experienced?! With a works Christmas party of course! I’m not normally a fan of Christmas goings on in November (I’m no scrooge but after 10 years of working in retail where Xmas starts in September, you’d understand) but this year feels…. Different. Maybe it’s the effects of last weeks big win? Has it put me in a premature celebratory mood? Probs. So I threw on my vintage 1970’s gold and black frilly frock, slipped into my dancing heels and trotted over to the Le Creuset crimbo shin dig in Winchester. I had been bleating on all week that in no way was I getting drunk. It’s just not professional is it? I don’t want my boss or my big big boss to see me loose control and embarrass myself. No, that would be hideous!

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