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Guest blog spot- rhubarb and custard doughnuts

Rhubarb and custard doughtnuts
Hi! E here from Make, Do and Spend  honoured to be guest posting for Holly this week. I’ve been a huge fan of Holly Loves Cake from the beginning, so it’s my pleasure to be featured amongst all Holly’s beautiful bakes in this small yet perfectly formed corner of the internet.
So, I know what you’re thinking, there is a fatal flaw in my featured recipe, “Holly loves Cake!” I hear you cry! And yet there is no cake, only dough, and a distinct lack of nuts
Ok, let me explain…..
Baking Cake Celebration cake

Coconut custard cake

Coconut custard cake

This week, I leave my job! Super duper exciting stuff as now I am in touching distance of working for Le Creuset (every time I think about it I scream a little inside). It is going to be such a joy to spend everyday working with a product I love and use myself so expect some Le Creuset popping up in future cake shoots! I now have a few spare days this week so what to do… Bake would be the obvs answer. However, I’m struggling for people to off load my baking bounty to. My mum can only eat so much and two days a week she won’t touch cake as she is following the 5:2 diet constantly, I don’t work in an office so there are no work colleagues to snaffle my sugary treats and the BF lives 150 miles away. I can’t take it to my fitness classes, this would be pretty counter productive and don’t want to be the cause for everyone regaining the weight they have just spent an hour burning off. So what do I do? Eat it all myself (I have been known to consume industrial portion sizes of cake but a whole one? Not yet…)? Track down long-lost relatives who hopefully have a sweet tooth?! Bake or not to bake, that is the question…

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