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Gluten free buckwheat triple chocolate cookies


Happy Easter everybody! I am currently sat in the kitchen working my way through a pile of hot cross buns and a slab of butter (cue Homer Simpson style drooling). I obviously had extensive high activity plans for today but sadly, its raining which has forced me inside with said plate of buns. What else is a girl to do?! Plus being Easter limited edition specialities, I must eat as many as I can before they disappear from the shelves for another year. Gotta make the most of them, y’know? By next week I will be back on the kale and lentils, promise (I sometimes wish I could use emojis in my writing, I would insert that little dude with the rolling eyes right about here). My favourite treat is slightly stale left over buns, slather in butter, then golden syrup and lay them into a deep baking dish with them slightly over lapping, pour over a tin of Ambrosia custard and bake in the oven on 180 degrees until the edges of the bread are golden and the custard is bubbling. Actually life changing.

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