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A gluten free naked wedding cake

Gluten free naked wedding cake

I created this three-tier naked cake for Nick and Sophie’s wedding in October. Sophie is celiac so she wanted the whole cake gluten-free so she could enjoy each flavour! The bottom is carrot cake with plum liquor soaked currants, the middle is courgette and coconut filled with homemade raspberry jam with the final top-tier a rich chocolate and almond torte. It was all sandwiched together with Mexican vanilla buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers that matched Sophie’s bouquet and table decor. Please contact me for any enquiries or to book your own celebration cake with Hollylovescake!

Gluten free naked wedding cake

Gluten free naked wedding cake

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Rice paper, my new favourite thing

Rose and white chocolate cake

I tend to find a new favourite decorating technique and use it again and again until I get bored. I was really digging using brittle to top my cakes with until someone offered me a flying saucer the other week. Its brightly coloured, edible and your can mould it into any shape you like, WIN. So when I had a commission the other week, I knew I had a chance to experiment with it (so long brittle!). I tried a few different shapes but triangles really worked well on top of this rose and white chocolate cake, I love the angular shapes against the wild flowers, I hope you do too.

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Summer wedding cake

This is the cake I did for my friend Donna Aplin who’s mum was getting married today! Although this morning was pretty murky, thankfully the sun came out for them this afternoon. There wasn’t much of a brief to work to except that she wanted lemon and orange featured in the colours and this is what I came up with. A Summery treat with the top layer being coconut caramel and the bottom layer is strawberry and white chocolate.

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Holly loves wedding cake

Strawberry and vanilla naked wedding cake

Oh how I love making wedding cakes! It’s so nice to be making something that will be so central to such a big day. I thought I would share with you the latest wedding cake I did for a lovely couple, Charlie and Leanne. They had a wedding in a converted barn with a really rustice feel which suited my style of natural decoration perfectly (If you haven’t already checked out the rest of my blog, I love naked cakes, rough butter cream finishes, dried or fresh flowers and fruit to decorate)! Roses were used in the bouquet so I also used them to decorate, fresh roses on top with dried rose petals scattered around the base. Leanne wanted a more unusual flavour to fill the cake so I used rhubarb jam with vanilla bean butter cream. Mmmmmm….  So if you or anyone you know is planning a wedding with a difference, please think of Holly Loves Cake! Contact me now,

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Banana, walnut and coconut cream cake

Banana loaf with coconut icing

It is such a wonderful thing when someone goes out of their way for you, to do something that they really didn’t need to do but they did it anyway. It is these little (and sadly, sometimes way too few) acts of kindness that make the day so much sweeter and make you smile. This week, I was contacted by a lovely lady (Girl? Bird? Lass? Lady sounds scarily formal and old…) who requested some of my cakes for a photo shoot at! I read the message and did my usual dance of joy around the room. As if someone seriously requested my cakes for a photo shoot! AS IF! And how did the lovely lady find out about me? Through the new wife of one of my oldest friends, Sam. Now, I’ve known Sam for 14 years through college and then we moved to university in Manchester together where he sported a hair doo similar to an Afghan hound and pranced his way around Indie dance floors thinking he was Jagger. We kinda lost touch over the past few years but met up for dinner last week in London with his new wife, Jo, and me with the BF (We went to Boho Mexicana in Shoreditch if you are interested, lots of tequila which makes me VERY happy). This was the first time I had met Jo and filled her in about my cake blog, obvs. She passed on my details to her friend who happens to be the lovely lady at Jo did not need to take a minute out of her day to do this but she did and I am so grateful she did, I owe her several tequilas. As soon as I know where and when my cakes will be featured I will post it on here (if I can stop doing my dance of joy around the room).

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