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Vanilla and blackcurrant cheesecake cupcakes

Blackcurrant and vanilla cheesecake cupcakes

It is 8.30pm on a Friday night and I am already tucked up in bed as I type. Yes, I know it is just not cool but work this week has been so full on that I am exhausted, pooped, absolutely shattered! It has been super exciting week with Le Creuset, me and my team set up new concessions in London plus had a big meeting with John Lewis in their buying offices (which were so amazing, decorated with their old 1950’s adverts, so so stylish). I have some more store set ups next week and then, the day I have been waiting for, the Le Creuset cookery course! I get paid to spend the day cooking and baking with the most amazing cook wear and I will be posting all about it on here, obvs. As much as I have loved the past few weeks, I have been so busy and away from home so much that I have hardly been able to bake (boo). The longer I go without baking, the longer the list of my ‘must bake’ gets! Sometimes I will be out and get inspired at a local café of new ingredient combination or I will see a great Instagram picture of a new decorating idea and feel a buzz of excitement and the feeling of ‘OMG-must-get-home-right-now-to-bake-before-I-forget-this-life-changing-idea’. Due to this I often end up baking mid-week aswell as a couple of weekend bakes but not so much any more. I guess you might like to know what is next on my must bake list? Well, as much I would like to tell you, I’d rather you come back next week to find out!

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Baking Cake Celebration cake

Coconut custard cake

Coconut custard cake

This week, I leave my job! Super duper exciting stuff as now I am in touching distance of working for Le Creuset (every time I think about it I scream a little inside). It is going to be such a joy to spend everyday working with a product I love and use myself so expect some Le Creuset popping up in future cake shoots! I now have a few spare days this week so what to do… Bake would be the obvs answer. However, I’m struggling for people to off load my baking bounty to. My mum can only eat so much and two days a week she won’t touch cake as she is following the 5:2 diet constantly, I don’t work in an office so there are no work colleagues to snaffle my sugary treats and the BF lives 150 miles away. I can’t take it to my fitness classes, this would be pretty counter productive and don’t want to be the cause for everyone regaining the weight they have just spent an hour burning off. So what do I do? Eat it all myself (I have been known to consume industrial portion sizes of cake but a whole one? Not yet…)? Track down long-lost relatives who hopefully have a sweet tooth?! Bake or not to bake, that is the question…

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Baking Cake Vegetable

Parsnip cupcakes with treacle buttercream icing

Parsnip and treacle cupakes

Woooooah! Parsnip? In a cake? Are you for real? Yes, I am totes real. Don’t chicken out on baking this one, it is a taste revelation and you will never look at a parsnip in the same way again. Whilst plotting blog bakes for the past couple of weeks, I noticed that I naturally gravitate towards the same flavours all the time. I’m a sucker for my favourite white chocolate, walnuts, raspberries, vanilla and coconut, regular readers of the blog will know that I have used these in a lot of recipes on here and the last thing I want to become is predictable, yawn. So here I am,  thinking outside the box, pushing more cake boundaries and living life on the edge of a cake tin. There is def something smugly satisfying aswell about producing something that tastes lush from something that really shouldn’t, just like last weeks bake of beetroot chocolate cake  ( or my courgette and lemon cake ( Using vegetables makes a cake super moist and creates a much closer crumb, this is not a light, airy cake. No fluffyness here! Just lush, squidgy, spiced delightfulness.

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