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Condensed milk and brown sugar cupcakes

Brown sugar and condensed milk cupcakes

Hey y’all! I’m baaaack! I’ve had a bit of a mental couple of weeks so unfortunately, the baking has had to take a back seat. Sad face. For my fourth year, I headed off for the wild green fields of Glastonbury. I spent almost a week washing using baby wipes, going to sleep with the bass vibrating the floor from a giant fire breathing mechanical spider from the field next door and waking up every morning to the sound of someone doing a sound check. It is such a magical place but also incredibly hard work, you need another week off when you get back just to recover! I watched Pharell, Lionel, Years and Years (AMAZING) and Paul Weller to name just a few. There is something there for everybody and would recommend it to almost anyone. I recently decided to move down south as well which coincided gloriously with Glasto as the day I returned from Somerset, I had to start packing my life into boxes! Eugh. So last weekend I trundled my stuff all the way to the bottom of the M40 to start again as a Southerner. The most exciting part of all is that my new pad has a brand spanking new double oven *swoon*.

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Lavender and blueberry cake

Lavender and blueberry cake

This weekend has mainly consisted of trying to avoid anything to do with Glastonbury which has turned out to be much harder than I imagined. In fact, avoiding it has been as much work as if I was actually there, wading through the mud! It’s on the BBC (live coverage plus news, weather, radio etc), in every newspaper, my entire Facebook feed has been full of comments from people there and those like me who are feeling bitter and depressed. It has been made significantly worse as the BF is there too so I have had phone calls from the site plus texts and I even arrived home to a postcard from the muddy fields of Glastonbury. There is no escape! I’m so jealous as after attending 3 events, I know just how much fun everyone will be having drinking warm cider, having magic Glasto moments, discovering new music and people. Why did I think I would be OK with not going?! After booking Barcelona in the diary last year I thought I should be sensible when the tickets sales came around, I can’t really afford to go and chances are I will be still be recovering from the hen do. What a silly, silly girl (lady? I think I’m too old for girl, too young for lady, madam perhaps?)! I would sell my left arm to go next year if it came to it now. Thinking how amazing would it be to have a Hollylovescake van?! Serving amazing cake with a pot of tea in a tea cosy to the unclean revellers (actually, no it would be terrible because I would have to be serving cake instead of partying). So what did I do to take my mind off it? I baked. Obvs. (I apologise about the quality of the pictures, BF normally sorts this out for me but seen as he is currently drunk in a field, until he returns these fuzzy excuses will have to do…) Continue Reading