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Lemon and poppy seed crunch cake


Sometimes, I want to create a cake. Spend many a lost hour with my head in a book trying to find inspiration for the next project which is then followed by hours of creaming, mixing, whisking and baking before unveiling a masterpiece. And then there are days where I just want an easy peasy slice of cake which desired minimum fuss but maximum yum. Today was that day. I was feeling super simple so I baked this super simple recipe which has been passed on to me by my mother (and possibly the only recipe as the only other thing she can cook successfully is fish finger, chips and peas) (Mum, I know you will read this, I’M JOKING! I LOVE YOU REALLY!). With the scorchio sunshine outside, who really wants to spend hours in a sweat box kitchen? I want to be outside with my cake soaking up all the vitamin D I can get. The sugar syrup which drowns the cake once out of the oven adds a lushy, zesty moistness to the sponge whilst leaving a crunchy sugar coating which is why you can get away with not icing this beauty. The poppy seeds give a great texture and on reflection, I have added an extra 50g in the recipe below as I think it needs a bit more crunch.

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