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Rose and pistachio cake

Rose and pistachio cake

Out with the old and in with new, welcome 2017! There is a wonderful newness in the air, the festive decorations are back in the loft and the Christmas tree casually tossed in the alley way down the side of the house (however, the left over Xmas treats continue to sit, never-ending, in the cupboard. Twiglets? Pretzels? Cheesy Footballs anyone?). So many new years resolutions made that will most likely be broken within the month (or in my case, within the day. I always promise this is the year I will cut down on sugar. Or I will stop picking on bits left in the fridge after work. Totally unrealistic expectations). I  get a bit fed up with all the festive baking, it is all pretty repetitive so I bypassed Xmas this year on Hollylovescake and decided to hold out until the new year with some fresh baking to start getting a bit excited about Spring being around the corner (OK, maybe a little early seen as it is only January but gotta have something to look forward to).

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