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Tutti fruity upside down cake

Eeeeeekkkkkk I’ve been bouncing off the walls all day and I hardly slept last night due to the Glastonbury butterflies! Yes it is that giddy time of the year again when I pack up my wellies and an inflatable mattress (always flat as a pancake within 24 hours) and head to the green fields. The Glastonbury butterflies are similar to that excitable feeling of going on holiday except times it by ten and add a bit more. There’s me and 25 of my pals all driving down through the night so we are one of the first in the queue ready for when the gates open at 8am. Then we spend half a day trying to erect tents (which probably haven’t seen the light of day since last year, still covered in mud and smelling… questionable) whilst half asleep then head off to the nearest cider bus. I’m really looking forward to seeing Lionel Ritchie this year on Sunday afternoon, perfect to sing along to whilst nursing a hang over from an epic Saturday night. I’ve just checked out the weather forecast and it looks like a real mix but thankfully no heavy rain at any point (the weather man never gets it wrong…). I’ve already had two showers today, it’ll be another week before I can have a wash that doesn’t involve baby wipes…

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Gluten free chocolate cake with toasted coconut and raspberry buttercream

Gluten free chocolate cake with toasted coconut and  raspberry butter cream

Ola! I have finally recovered enough from my raucous Barcelona hen do to bake cake. It took a lot of sleep, paracetamol and carbs but I’m finally there! My girls absolutely know how to PARTY. I, however, seem to be loosing the power to keep up (Going straight from the airport after no sleep from all night clubbing? Not me, I was in bed my midnight, natch). However my inability to keep up raving meant I had more time to discover Barcelona and hunt down some sweet treats. It is scorchio in Spain (obvs) so cake smothered in meltable butter cream is not ideal, it’s all about the pastry, creme patisserie and deep fried sugariness. I discovered these deeeelish mini dough balls coated in cinnamon and sugar at an indoors market. Crispy on the outside, billowing white fluffy insides. They were so good they made me giddy.

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Pistachio and raspberry loveliness

Pistachio and raspberry cake

OK so I have sat here for ages (I say ages, probably more like 30 seconds) trying to marry the words ‘pistachio’ and ‘raspberry’ together in a Brangelina (Brad and Angelina, obvs) way to make pistachio and raspberry cake sound a bit more interesting/hip/Hollywood. However, the best conjoined word I could come up with was Rastachio which sounds like a rasta with a moustache. Not something that sounds particularly scrumptious so instead I got rid of the cake and replaced with the perfect descriptive word for this bake, loveliness…

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