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Caramelised rhubarb upside down cake

Caramelised rhubarb upside down cake

I constantly look for inspiration for cakes, whether for flavours, colours or decoration. This week I visited Cake International, hoping to soak up some new cakey ideas. But I couldn’t be more wrong. It was all about sugar craft. And I really dislike sugar craft. By this I mean rolled icing, flowers made from sugar paste, highly intricate traditional wedding and celebration type cakes. Not my style at all. I prefer to lash on the butter cream, throw on some flowers, chuck some chocolate buttons on. I think it just looks so much more tasty, fun and appetizing when it isn’t so precise. Like you just want to grab a fork and dig right in. I just don’t feel that when I look at a slab of rolled icing. There is a time and a place for more serious sugar crafted cakes, I know the majority choose them for their celebration cake and I totally admire the artistry that goes into it but I just really don’t like it (Dare I say it, I find it a bit tacky..). So after having a giggle at some truly awful cakes I got a bit carried away buying cut price cake accessories. Nothing got me more excited this week than finding pure Maple Syrup flavoring extract! Can you imagine a maple cream cheese frosting?! OMW. And just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better I found hot cross bun flavored icing sugar! It was like eating paradise. Will go delightfully on top of a carrot cake (Yes, I am a cake geek. No shame.). So I left the show with some ideas of how not to do cakes and my wallet was a hell of a lot lighter.

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