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Summer wedding cake

This is the cake I did for my friend Donna Aplin who’s mum was getting married today! Although this morning was pretty murky, thankfully the sun came out for them this afternoon. There wasn’t much of a brief to work to except that she wanted lemon and orange featured in the colours and this is what I came up with. A Summery treat with the top layer being coconut caramel and the bottom layer is strawberry and white chocolate.

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strawberry and coconut cake

Strawberry cake

I remember when I started baking and being told that baking is a science, its not like cooking where you can throw a little bit of this or that and it will probably be a taste sensation. You have to stick to the recipe or it will be a disaster! I’ve come to learn (often the hard way) that actually, you can go against the rules and shake things up if you understand how your ingredients work. So I’m going to tell you what I have learnt about different kinds of sugar when baking and how you can confidently change them around in a recipe.

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Perfect Victoria sponge cake

Raspberry and vanilla wedding cake

Poor Victoria sponge, generally always over looked for its more fancy friends, the chocolate, the carrot, the red velvet cake. Who wants a plain sponge?! BORING.That is probably because so few people have had a really good Victoria sponge. Often over baked, dry, flat, sandwiched together with a bit of cheap jam, no wonder old Vic always gets over looked. I have baked many a sponge cake in my baking career and have come to love a simple sponge. To create a great cake, it is actually not difficult as long as you use a few hints and tips I have provided here, have a little patience and give it a little lovin’. The skills used can be applied to most cakes once mastered and you should hopefully have towering, lush, moist cakes forever, hurrah!

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