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Vanilla bean cake with yogurt buttercream and black sesame

Vanilla and black sesame cake

London is the most over whelming but exciting place to be. Home is currently Muswell Hill which is north London, filled with yummy mummies and huge Victorian houses. For work I am in Shoreditch which has an extensive array of coffee shops and people who are too cool for school (eg Me). I love how each area has its own personality and style. If I want vintage, I go to Brick Lane, if I want inspiring food, Borough Market. There is always something going on. Back home I would wake up on a Sunday morning and the only thing to do was to walk to the corner shop to get the paper. In London I can do brunch, go to the museum, see some art, learn swing dancing (tried and failed miserably. I have no rhythm. Trod on everyone’s toe’s and no-one wanted to be my partner). Basically, whatever I want to do, I can. There are free things and expensive things. My favourite things are, surprisingly, those which are free. I have started running again after a while out of the game due to injury. Yes, I know you can do this anywhere but running to the top of Alexandra Palace and looking out across the whole of the London skyline at night is pretty lush. Birmingham at night doesn’t have quite the same appeal. As I look out the window now, it is 5pm and the sun is still shining and it is light. Spring is around the corner! Meaning soon evenings will be filled with pub gardens (drink soda water and sneak in your own vodka) and walks in Hyde park. Once you get off the crowded high streets and tourist traps, London is a bloomin lovely place to be where one can never be bored.

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Baking Cake Recipes wedding

Salted caramel and vanilla cake

Salted caramel cake

I absolutely lost my baking powers this weekend. And what little cooking skills disappeared too! What happened to them I do not know, will they even return at all?! What will become of me? A sad shadow of my former self, only capable of preparing a Pot Noodle and dreaming of my past cake creations…. The picture you see attached to this post took so many attempts to get right, I normally do a cake like this standing on my head and blindfolded. My first attempt at baking the sponges went so very wrong through a simple mistake, opening the oven door too soon. I know, I know, a schoolgirl error! I really should know better, obvs. The sponges sank to become flat eggy pancakes, sad face. So, round two I got cocky and attempted three layers of sponge in one oven. Duh! What possessed me do this I don’t even know. I ended up with one burnt layer, a wonky half risen layer and an undercooked layer. Fail. By round three I had learnt my lesson and out came two beautiful even sponges. Thank goodness as by this point I had spent a small fortune having made 3 separate trips to Tesco at the end of the road for supplies (Any more visits would see me with enough Clubcard points to fund a trip to Pizza Express). I really should have taken a break by this point, had a cuppa and read the paper. Instead I went straight to the next part of preparing the caramel. Anyone who has boiled sugar substances will know how you have to carefully boil the mixture, with loving patience and care. I had no patience by now, blasted the heat on full power and halfheartedly stirring, paying more attention to singing along to Tony Blackburns Pick Of The Pops. It wasn’t long before there were black bits floating around and the strong wiff of burning wafted round the kitchen. The pan is still soaking in the sink after three days…

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