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Ascot Farmers Market launch


Sunday saw the launch of my market stall at Ascot Farmers Market! I was feeling a whole lot of emotions, excitement, anticipation, nervousness… Would anyone buy my cakes?! I had a mega bake-a-thon all day Saturday, I started at 8am and didn’t finish until 10pm. I was like a stroppy toddler by the time I finished, tiered and covered in icing sugar. I had a couple of mishaps along the way (adding salt instead of sugar…) and ended up in a self-induced sugar coma thanks to the gratuitous amounts of cake mix hanging around. The alarm went off bright and early on Sunday morning and I bounced out of bed to pack up the car. The lovely BF was with me all through the weekend to lend a helping hand, he also designed some amazing flyers and banners for the stall which gave it a really professional look… Continue Reading

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Vegan poppy seed cake

Vegan poppy seed cake

It’s all getting very exciting down at Hollylovescake HQ, I have just popped in an application form to my local farmers market! If all goes well, I should be up and running by October. I can obviously rely on all you loyal fans to come down and support me every week, right (What do you mean you live in Tijuana and you only stumbled on my blog by accident?!)? It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but never really had the guts or the facilities to do it. I’ve had lots of encouragement from my ever supportive BF (at least one person I can rely on to buy some cake…) and my new kitchen in Ascot has been given the all clear by the council, 5 out of 5 hygiene stars no less! Therefore I have been experimenting with lots of different recipes so my cakes can be enjoyed by as many different people as possible. I always thought vegan baking would be  pretty joyless experience but this cake has been a revelation.

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