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Banana and white chocolate blondies

Banana and white chocolate blondies

Bananas are my favourite fruit. I love all fruit but these bright and convenient fellas are just the best! Similar to my 2nd all time faves, avocados, the window of yummy squidgy perfection is so tiny. I can regularly be found on Sunday mornings whilst on my brunch ingredient hunt, gently squeezing all the avos in Waitrose (I really wanted to type Asda there but who am I kidding?! This is gentrified London) to find the spot on amount of softness so I can mash it and top my toast (artisan sourdough, obvs). And bananas need that hue of yellow, for all signs of green to have just about faded away and the brown spots have yet to appear. That is banana bohemia! Anything older is too sweet and anything less has that weird bendyness and slight bitterness. I doubt there are many things worse in life than under-ripe avocados (in fact, I cried once when I found my avo was past its best. It had been a long day…) and bendy bananas. But rejoice! For those who find their ‘nanas have gone a bit dodge, here is the recipe to save the situation!

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Lime and white chocolate coconut macaroons

Lime and white chocolate macaroons

Some days I love to spend the whole day in the kitchen working towards a sugary sweet beast of a cake. Some days I just want something there and then, without sacrificing my day (Not that my days revolve around much anyway, looking at dogs in silly outfits on Instagram, reading Daily Mail online gossip column in secret… whoops!). These little treats are the perfect throw-together-in-10-minute yummies. I have to admit I have worked my way through quite a few coconut macaroon recipes trying to find baking bohemia, the crispy outside and the slightly soggy sugary innards. Hurrah! I have achieved it here! The top tip is condensed milk. Any excuse to use condensed milk is a winner with me (I licked the lid clean and now have a cut tongue to prove it. It is like crack in a tin.). A mix of coconut flakes and desiccated coconut gives the best texture too. If you don’t have limes, you can leave them out. Feel free to swap white chocolate for dark or milk too, go crazy. They are also a great option for the gluten free of you out there.

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Gluten free lemon, blueberry and white chocolate cake

Gluten free blueberry, lemon and white chocolate cake

Those with food intolerances are viewed by many as just fussy eaters (or awkwardtarians as my mate calls it. I like this cos it sounds like a dinosaur). There are those who avoid gluten or dairy due to the amount of research and opinions from professionals saying they are not the kindest food stuffs for our waist line. However, a huge amount of people cut out wheat and/or dairy due to the health impact on the body, especially the tummy and digestion. My mum is lactose intolerant which she kindly passed onto me in a currently very mild form. I’m not quite sure how it works (with my peanut sized brain) but not all dairy is created equal with some products containing more lactose than others. I made her really ill the other week when she tucked into my chocolate Easter cake without telling her it contained cream. Uh oh. Was def not the favourite child after that incident.

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